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Woodstock Residence

Sitting atop a gentle mountain overlooking the Hudson Valley, the 6,000 sf assembly of three buildings are arranged  to adapt to and accommodate the sloping terrain and tall tree stands of the site.

The  main ‘bar’ runs north to south, and offers open, commanding views to the east, while bracketing a meadow patch to the west that embraces the forest edge.  The main day-to-day activities happen here, with a sunken living room in front of the fireplace to finish off the day. Up the hill from the main bar is a large ‘wrenching’ garage that provides a protective screen to a northern neighbor, while down the hill is the  raised Treehouse. A glassy pavilion surrounded by pine trees,  the platform sits on ‘pilotis’, and is accessed via  a bridge from the main house.  This will be for inside-outside living, have a television and a pool table,  screen-in areas, and also provide some covered parking below.

Construction to start in 2024.




6,000 square foot New Construction


Woodstock, NY


In Design


Concept Design, Architectural Design, Site Planning, Approvals