Symphony space

Size: 30,000 sf renovation
Location: New York, New York

AO began working with Symphony Space in June 2015 to envision improvements to the theatres and public areas with the goal of enhancing the overall audience and artist experience throughout the facility.  The existing theaters have a compromised relationship to the surrounding public areas and the institution has relatively little street presence.  The larger Sharp Theatre seating area is open to the circulation space at its rear compromising its acoustic and light conditions.  This circulation space does not participate with the sidewalk or neighborhood and has no natural light.

Our proposal makes a visually clear path from the Broadway entry to the new separate lobby behind the Sharp Theatre.  By separating this circulation zone from the theatre and moving the restrooms away from the facade we create a new extroverted “Cultural Town Square” with views to and from West 95th Street and Broadway. We are also adding a balcony overlooking the Town Square and renovating the Bar Thalia below, all of which combine to re-imagine one’s ‘night out at the theatre’.